Acessing Blocked sites in Saudi Arabia

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Western Asia is a quite big region of Asia and Saudi Arabia is the second largest state in the Arab World. In this country many tourist visit Saudi every year. Considering as the second oil exporter in the world and so we understand that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is quite rich country. All the laws in the country are based on Islamic Law Sharia and the Quran. Its Human rights are also regulated by Quran. Saudi’s world is very special but modern technologies are present in KSA like in others modern countries. Although it has an internet access Saudi is very strict in some sites. Internet is available there in hotels, offices and others public places but network access in Saudi Arabia is limited and restricted by serious Internet filters. There are two kinds of restrictions: one of them is immoral websites – these are mainly adult or pornographic sites. Internet users are looking for a reliable solution to unblock such kind of sites in Saudi.

General sites and web services are blocked in Saudi Arabia, by Internet Service provides because of IP address. So if you can change or hide your real IP address to the IP of another country with full access to the global network you can bypass all the restrictions. There is lots of solution in this problem, some are offered for free which may not be reliable but there is other solution that is not for free. This solution is to have a vpn account. VPN for Saudi Arabia is the best solution to bypass Saudi Proxy and unblock websites. With VPN Account you can unblock any blocked sites in KSA, avoid Internet limits and stay safe and protected in the global network.

A VPN tunnel masks real IP address and codes all the traffic passed through vpn so nobody can monitor your Internet activity and the websites you open. VPN Account is the most reliable, safe, and easy tool that can help Internet users to open blocked websites in Saudi Arabia. It is easy to setup VPN connection with step by step vpn setup instructions. It can be created on various devices like PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, roku box, xbox, ps3 and others device technology. Also you can stay anonymous and private in the Internet because vpn keeps your personal and business data secured and protected if you connect to the Internet in public Wi-Fi networks.

You can select vpn service provider that suits you better depending on your needs. So if you care about your Internet safety and privacy and at the same time need freedom and anonymity on-line you must consider VPN service as an easy and reliable solution to unblock site in Saudi Arabia.

Bypass Saudi Proxy

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Bypass Saudi Proxy with VPN

There are many different countries in Western Asia and Saudi Arabia is the largest of them. Also this is the second largest state in the Arab World. KSA as an absolutely monarchy is ruled by a king and all the laws are based on Islamic Law Sharia and the Quran. No modern constitution has ever been written in Saudi Arabia till today.

Nobody knows what exactly Quran says about the Internet access but Internet censorship in Saudi is very strict. The government of KSA controls Internet access like in many others Arab countries.

All the worldwide traffic in Saudi Arabia is sent through a proxy. All web content is filtered and a big number of sites are blocked in KSA. Surely lots of people who live or just come to visit this country want to bypass Saudi Arabia Firewall and unblock sites in KSA.

There are two kinds of web restrictions in Saudi Arabia: immoral websites (mostly pornographic) and politically incorrect (based on directions from a security committee run by the Ministry of Interior).

Restrictions in Saudi Arabia are based on the resolution by Council of Ministers dated 12 February 2001. Since that day Internet users in KSA are searching for a god method to unblock websites in Saudi Arabia.

The most aggressive censorship in Saudi is focused on pornography, drug use, gambling, religious conversion of Muslims, and filtering circumvention tools.

Besides that Saudi Arabia filter access to "politically astray" and other websites that the government deems inappropriate, including content that discuss sexual education, family planning, feminism and gay rights. Such sites as Wikipedia and google are also blocked in KSA.

VPN account for Saudi Arabia is the best tool to bypass Internet limits and bypass Saudi Proxy. This is a secured virtual private tunnel that hides real IP and change it to the IP of another country that lets to access restricted sites in KSA. All the data sent via VPN tunnel in encrypted that lets to stay safe and anonymous. With VPN Account you can unblock url in Saudi, avoid Internet limits and stay safe and protected in the Internet.

You can setup vpn connection fast and easy using vpn setup instructions for your device.

VPN is compatible with PC, Mac, iphone, iPad, xbox, iPod touch and others that supports this technology.

If you care about your safety and privacy on-line, if you need Internet freedom and anonymity you need VPN service as an easy and reliable solution to bypass web filters.


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